From 1 February 2020 the UK is no longer part of the EU. With the exit of the Kingdom from the customs union, the UK is now included in the list of countries that pay customs payments for purchases made from the EU. No customs fee was paid for purchases from the EU. But due to Brexit, if you are ordering from the UK you will have to pay your customs duties. On the other hand, VAT, which used to be payable, is no longer the subject of customers ordering from the UK. If your country of delivery is within the borders of the UK, you do not pay VAT on the purchases you make on our site, but you have to pay the import tax in order for your delivery to be made by the courier company.

This fee is a rate set by UK law and Stock Perfume does not relate to this payment, nor does it make any profit. This fee is a fee paid to the UK government only. Here are some links that may help with Brexit:

My billing address is UK but I want delivery within EU borders, do I still pay customs? Our company is a Dutch company. Customs duty is not payable for each order to be delivered within the EU, as per the customs union rules. However, for orders to be delivered within the EU, the consumer is obliged to pay VAT. You do not pay VAT fees by placing an order within the EU with a valid VAT number. Otherwise, your VAT amount will be reflected when placing your order.

If you have a question or problem regarding this topic, please contact us.

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